Problems in the practice

In IT practice, priority is given to using two protection methods.

Data tunnel (VPN)

VPN creates a so-called tunnel that redirects and simultaneously encrypts the normal route of data on the Internet. Anonymity is part of the promise of VPN providers, but this is not possible in practice. Setting up a VPN properly is difficult and expensive. The running costs are quite high.

Encryption (SSL/RSA/AES, PGP, TSL)

It’s not redirected and tunneled like VPNs, so it’s a bit easier to catch data. Nevertheless, access to the information contained is difficult, which protects the confidentiality of the data. Purely mathematically a decryption without the password is improbable.

Although both methods are considered secure for now, critical security problems do exist.

Human factor

– too difficult (“How should I know/understand this…?”)
– too expensive (“I don’t have time for that right now…”)
– unnecessary(“Ah,we don’t really need that…”)
– corrupt or blackmailable (Social Engineering)

cost/effort factor

– difficult to set up (professionals needed)
– good professionals are rare (and therefore expensive)
– also maintenance must be done by professionals
– Running costs are also not cheap for the security manufacturer

Technological factor

– Quantum computers can easily decipher many of the normal encryptions.
– Errors with the setup are not uncommon.
– There are already a couple of technological vulnerabilities identified in RSA

Benefits for the customers

PLUG & BYTE solves the human and technological problems in an elegant manner. Anyone can setup the PLUG & BYTE box within seconds. Due to the extremely simple handling and operation you don’t need any external or professional help of IT-Workers. Only the most modern and future-proofing technology is used.
Überzeugen Sie sich selbst von unserem Kundenversprechen der einfachen und sicheren Datenübertragung.

excluding the human component:

– so easy, you don’t need a specialist
– so simple, you will avoid making any mistake
– so comfortable, you won’t use anything else

Keeping costs and expenses low:

– monthly fee is fair and affordable
– there are no extra costs, because you will be able to easily do everything by yourself

Security in the future:

– Quantum keys are unbreakable
– Private-Key is better than Public-Key
– Encryption using One-Time-Pad is one of the safest principles in the world

High security combined with perfect comfort is made possible by an intelligent combination of the best and the simplest technologies.

a) One-Time-Pad
b) Quantumgenerator
c) PLUG & BYTE Box (Mini-PC)

More Details about the individual technologies can be found in the next section.


Quick Info

Our One-Time-Pad (OTP) consists of a hard drive, on which the secured passwords are saved. Whenever a password is used, it will be irretrievably deleted. So that no one other than the user can use the keys. The procedure is based on the private-key principle, unlike most encryption methods that are currently in use, that work using a public key.That means the key is never transferred over the internet, unlike the public key method.
For more information, see Vernam’s secrecy principle, as explained in the following paragraph.


In Vernam encryption, named after the American Gilbert Vernam – the key is atleast the same length as the encrypted text. Because every letter is encrypted with another Letter from the alphabet, this can be considered a special case of polyalphabetic substitution. As long as these conditions are met, it is one of the rarest procedures, that aren’t mathematically breakable:

a)The key consists of truly random numbers. Generating psuedo-random keys is not recommended. That is why we use the Quantum-Mechanical method, to actually generate truly random numbers. (more about this can be found in the section Quantengenerator.)

b)The key can only be used once (One time key, One-Time-Pad).

c)The key distribution must be secure and separate from data transfer (For example through the post)

All of these conditions are fulfilled by PLUG & BYTE. It is one of the safest products for sending data on the market.

OTP in history

There was a significant application of the One-Time-Pad as early as 1967. At that time a permanent telephone connection was setup between the US president and soviet secretary general, which had to be completely secure. This went down in history as the Heiße Draht, the so called Red Telephone. To date, only a few high security areas use this technology because the products were too expensive in practice.
PLUG & BYTE on the other hand is so revolutionary that this drawback is reversed. An IT security device has never been easier to setup.

Quantum Number Generator


A key is only completely secure, when it wasn’t  deterministic-ally generated. By deterministic it is meant that the generation proceeds according to a logical principle, that is, a mathematical algorithm. With mathematically generated keys, hackers have the chance, to acquire the keys using computing power or computational logic. In particular, the upcoming Quantum Computer has the potential to decode many of the traditional passwords at a rapid rate.

Secure using Quantum Keys

Our keys are however generated in a different way. They are generated using special hardware. That’s where our Quantum generator comes into play. The keys acquired that way are not deterministic-ally generated, and therefore they show no susceptibility in that direction. This is because the numbers from a quantum generated come from a true coincidence. As a result there is no logical arithmetic operation that can calculate the key.


Within the generator, a semi-transparent mirror is shot with a laser. Then depending on whether a photon passes through the mirror or not a 1 or 0 is produced. A long series of these zeros and ones then gives a quantum key. We supply the devices of our customers with these secure keys.


From us you will only need one hardware part-The PLUG & BYTE box.We will send you the box, on which everything has already been preconfigured, conveniently by post. All the steps for securing your data transmission will be done on the PLUG &  BYTE box. The box uses a mini-PC with Ultra small form factor as a base. That way there will always be room for the PLUG & amp; BYTE box regardless of how much space is available. The box operates quietly, since no active cooling is used. All necessary arithmetic operations take place on this hardware system. Thus, even keyloggers or other spyware are unable to record the passwords from the user’s device during the encryption process.

Expiration of the entire encryption process

1)Key generation

The OTPs (One-Time-Pads) are generated with the help of BSI certified Quantum number generators from our partner company located in Sweden IDQuantique, and then moved onto HDD-Drives. These numbers will later act as keys. The key generation process will take place exclusively in our safety lab, to prevent abuse from the manufacturers.

2)Key distribution

After the keys are generated, they are transferred to the OTPs. For the first delivery, the keys will be preinstalled on the PLUG & BYTE Box and then the box will be sent via courier or post in a sealed package to the customer. If desired, they can also be sent by special transport. When the keys are used up, a new OTP will be sent and simply installed on the PLUG & BYTE Box through a USB drive.


When you receive this device from us for the first time, you will only have to connect the box to the Router. The configuration runs automatically. Within a few minutes the box will be ready to use.
When the keys are used up, a new OTP will be automatically sent, which you can install on the box simply by plugging in the USB drive.


The keys on the OTP will be deleted directly after they are used, that way they can’t mishandled.


Should an OTP become no longer usable for some reason, then the machine will be replaced (without any extra costs for our customers). When however only the Random numbers/keys are used up, then a data drive will be sent from us directly to you, with which you can easily recharge your keys. You then simply put the drive in the enclosed return envelope and put it in the mailbox to send it back to us.

PLUG & BYTE Mini-PC Hardware

Bezeichnung Intel Atom™ x5-Z8500
Taktfrequenz 4x 1,44 GHz
Autom. Übertaktung 2,24 GHz
L2-Cache 2 MB
Kerne/Threads 4/4
Technologie Intel® Burst Frequenz
Kühlung passiv
RAM-Größe 2 GB
Technologie LPDDR3
Taktung PC3L-12800 (1600MHz)
Verbaut 1 von 1
Modell Intel® HD-Grafik
Speicher bis zu 1692 MB (shared)
DirectX 11.2
Festplattentyp eMMC
Anzahl 1
Kapazität (gesamt) 32 GB
Laufwerk ohne Laufwerk
Gehäusetyp Ultra Small Form Faktor
Abmessungen 115mm (B) x 76mm (T) x 20.7mm (H)
Netzteil 15 W
Bluetooth 4.0
LAN 10/100/1000 MBit
W-LAN IEEE 802.11 a/c
USB 3.0 3x
Betriebssystem Windows 10 Home 32 Bit
Garantie 2 Jahre Herstellergarantie
Garantieart Bring-In Garantie
Zustand neu

Mobile solutions – The App

The app will be available for you to download for free through the Play store and App store. In order to establish a secure connection, you have to connect to a PLUG & BYTE Box once through NFC or Bluetooth. The keys will then be shared with the device. After that the connection between the two devices will be completely secure and therefore it cannot be intercepted.